• Fully Licensed & Insured Professionals

    All of our tradesmen have the required licences and training, they’ll turn up on time and won’t leave until you’re satisfied!

  • Lifetime Labour Guarantee

    We’re 100% committed to getting the job done right. If we have to return to the same job, you won’t be charged any extra labour costs at all.


  • 24/7 Priority Service

    Always putting you first is what separates Dial Up from the rest. We have tried and true customer service standards expected of each of our tradesmen.

  • Upfront Pricing

    We operate on complete transparency and honesty with our pricing. You’ll know the full scope of our work before we do it, every single time.


Dial Up Plumbing Services

Dial Up Services offers you the most trustworthy and highly skilled team of plumbers in Sydney. We completely understand that you have enough to deal with in life without the added stress of plumbing emergencies. This is why we take the stress out of those situations for you – we have a proven history of performing high quality plumbing services all over Sydney. We have a $0 callout fee and our highest priority is your satisfaction. The main areas where Dial Up eclipses any other plumbers in Sydney are; state of the art tools, up front quotes, 24 hour service, and reliable plumbers

Our tradesmen are the most well equipped of any team of plumbers in Sydney – we will always make sure they come to the job site prepared with the tools to do the job properly. You can rest assured that we’ll turn up to the site with everything we need to perform your plumbing services, pronto!

Speaking of coming to the job prepared, we also give you an upfront quote – our guys don’t make you wait by leaving the site, generating a quote back at the office then coming back out to you. We’ll tell you how much it’ll cost to fix, you give us the green light and we’ll go do it – it’s that simple.

Remember the core of Dial Up’s ethos is that we take the stress out of anything and everything plumbing related in Sydney. That wouldn’t be much good if we weren’t available to you 24/7 right? We don’t think so either. No matter what time of the day or night, we’re not gonna leave you out in the dark with a blocked drain or a leaking tap. We provide our plumbing services on demand, all over Sydney!

Our hiring process to assemble our team of Sydney plumbers is gruelling, to say the least. To put it short and sweet, you need to be the cream of the crop to join our team. You need to know your stuff, you need to have the right attitude, and what we pride most of all among our staff is reliability, trustworthiness and honesty.

So, for the highest class of plumbing services available in Sydney, give Dial Up a call today on 02 8999 6655 – one of our excellent team will be out to help you right away!