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How to Spot a Dodgy Plumber? – Not All Plumbers Rip You OFF!

The last thing you want to want to know when coming home after work is to see the water rushing through a leaking pipe for the third time this month.

Spotting a dodgy plumber is not so easy. Unless you have the disastrous outcome in front of you. It is estimated that Australians are spending over a $1 billion a month on an average for home renovations in 2021. Plumbing being a major part of home renovations has also been a growing market in Sydney in 2021.

Dodgy plumbing services in Sydney take this fact as an advantage. Specially, people look up to accessibility rather than quality in emergency plumbing situations.

In the long run, people do realise the importance of quality because it’s obvious that results can definitely show them real faces hiding beside a flashy website. However, spotting a dodgy plumbing service in the early stage is the best way to make sure you don’t lighten up your pockets.


Spot a dodgy plumbing service!


Prices are too good to be true

A price tag too good to be true is a red flag.  Emergency calls from clients who can’t or won’t pay a large repair cost are a common source of employment for untrustworthy or uncertified plumbers. You may think that the typical cost of a plumber is a bit high, but remember that it generally includes things like call-out costs, supplies and labour. It’s not a good idea to go with the lowest option for plumbing as it may end up costing you even more in the long run.

No Online Presence / Bad Reviews

Poor online presence or bad reviews should also be a strong indication that the guy with his hand down your drain isn’t up to the task. While looking for a plumber, always ask your friends and family for recommendations, or if you can’t find anybody, conduct a fast Google search to see if anything bad shows up when searching for that plumber. However, don’t solely trust on Google search, go for reviews on Facebook or GMB profile as well.

No qualification or experience

When you hear about their missing certifications and accreditations, that should be the first sign that something is awfully wrong. It’s best not to proceed if he/ she doesn’t have a Certificate III in Plumbing or an apprenticeship that includes a Certificate III in Plumbing from a TAFE or college. They can’t practise as a plumber in New South Wales unless they have that certificate.


How Dial Up Plumbing Services is the best in Sydney?

Dial Up Plumbing Services hires experienced and qualified plumbers. We are a small family owned business who would treat every customer as our own. Our trusted plumbers with 5 star reviews have a reputation for being reliable and affordable. We service Sydney-wide and our services ranges from blocked drain repairs, hot water installation, gas plumbing, to toilet replacements. We also provide 24 hours emergency plumbing services in Sydney. Get in touch with us today to experience the best plumbing services in Sydney.


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Ben Harb is a highly skilled and experienced professional in the plumbing industry, with a particular focus on blocked drains and pipe relining. A qualified licensed plumber as well as a pipe relining specialist who can tackle an extensive range of plumbing issues.

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