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Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions

Here at Dial Up Plumbing, our team are here to serve you with all your questions- answered & plumbing problems- solved. Being one of the most reliable team of plumbers in Sydney, we are open & transparent with the way we operate our business. 

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Most Commonly Asked Plumbing Questions

Yes, we do have a call out fee. However, we waive off the call out fee once you agree with the quote. Or alternatively, you can speak to one of our friendly plumbers over the phone for a price estimation before coming to you.

After hour emergency call out fees do apply and are not waived off.*

Quoting for a plumbing job is easier visually. Because, there may be a lot of things that are hard to explain over the phone. However, we can provide a rough price estimate for any job over the phone.

Minor drain blockages can be unblocked by yourself. However, doing so is not recommended. Drains are mostly blocked due to underlying causes which may develop over time and cause more damage in the future.

The first thing to do in case of a gas leak is to turn the gas meter mains off and open your windows / doors for proper ventilation. Depending on the severity, the next step can be determined. Lastly, get in touch with a gas plumbing expert at Dial Up Plumbing to find and fix the leak.

Our team of licensed gasfitters are experts in finding leaks and repairing them.

Dial Up Plumbing services does provides same-day services. In fact, we are Sydney’s most responsive team when it comes to after-hours emergency plumbing. Get in touch to know more about our same day plumbing services.

We provide services Sydney-wide. Our plumber are always on the road and ready to go. We can attend to you in any kind of plumbing emergency no matter where you are located in the Sydney-region.

We provide all kinds of plumbing repairs, maintenance, and installation services. Our services ranges from fixing blocked drains, installing washing machine, to replacing faucets. No job too big or too small! Visit our service pages to find more.

The most common cause of overflowing drain is an obstruction in your sewer drain. The main causes of obstructions are; tree roots, sanitary goods, or possibly a broken sewer. Get in touch with one of our drain plumbing experts at (02) 8999 6125 as they would be the best professional to help you with any kind of drain related emergencies.

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