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How Much Do Plumbers Charge To Unblock Drains?

Blocked drains are common, and are extremely frustrating whether it occurs in your kitchen, bathroom, or garden. No matter where it happens, it brings trouble (and stench) along with it.

You can try unclogging it on your own, but it would require your time, effort, and elbow grease. There are many products and remedies out there that can help you like muriatic acid. However, these items are quite dangerous especially if you do not know how to properly and safely handle them. That’s where plumbers come in.

Hire A Plumber

Here at Dial Up Plumbing, we have a certified team of honest and friendly professionals who never take shortcuts. Our licensed plumbers have the expertise and experience to address your specific problem. That said, if you are in need of some assistance with your plumbing troubles, we are here to help!

Then again, we understand that not all people have extra income to pay for repairs due to the ongoing recession and pandemic. Some people might be able to live with the clogged drain, especially if it is in an area that they are not using. However, the horrible smell of the clog may appear without any warning and could become dangerous if left

The True Cost, Explained

If you are going to hire a plumber, the cost of unblocking these clogs will depend on various aspects of the issue. The location of the problem, severity and possible solutions is already a huge chunk of the payment.

Usually, the costs depend on where the clog happened in your home. It also depends on the size of the original system. For simpler issues like a clogged toilet or kitchen drain, it may cost from $89 to $300. The cost goes higher as the area affected increases and the severity rises.

If you want it replaced completely, then it can increase the price of repairs considerably, especially if pipe relining or replacement needs to be taken into account. To avoid having to pay for these costs repeatedly, make sure you hire the right plumbing company the first time. Dial Up is literally a dial away. Grab your phone and call us