All of our tradesmen have the required licences and training, they’ll turn up on time and won’t leave until you’re satisfied!

We’re 100% committed to getting the job done right. If we have to return to the same job, you won’t be charged any extra labour costs at all.

Always putting you first is what separates Dial Up from the rest. We have tried and true customer service standards expected of each of our tradesmen.

We operate on complete transparency and honesty with our pricing. You’ll know the full scope of our work before we do it, every single time.

Leak Detection

At Dial Up Plumbing our plumbers are experts when it comes to installation and repairs for your pipes and leaks. From PVC s-bends, all the way up to concrete sewer pipes, we provide a complete leaking tap service for all domestic and industrial applications.

water-billHaving the ability to install your own plumbing pipe properly is a skill that not many people have and can end up being a costly exercise. Pipe installation is an integral part of bathroom and kitchen remodelling and it’s essential that it is carried out by experienced Sydney Plumbers.

The three primary types of pipe used in homes are PVC, copper and galvanised steel or iron. Of the three, PVC pipe is usually the easiest to install.

We also provide reliable leak detection services in Sydney, so that in many cases we are able to simply repair a pipe rather than have to replace an entire section.

Efficient leak detection is integral when it comes to dealing with plumbing problems and there are usually early warning signs or reasons for it happening.

• Rattling pipes in walls i.e.: water hammer
• Leaking pipe in walls
• Pipe replacements and installations during renovations
• Replacement of old pipes with new

Here at Dial Up Plumbing, quality of service is our highest priority. We guarantee to be able to get the job done for you first time, every time. We also back this guarantee with a formal warranty. When you choose Dial Up Plumbing Sydney to deal with your pipes and leaks, you will never pay a cent more than the amount initially quoted, guaranteed.

So whenever you require professional Sydney plumbers give us a call at Dial Up Plumbing Sydney, on 02 8999 6125.

Leaky Water Metre, Walls & Roofs
Leaks show up in a variety of places. We can fix all your leaks, indoor and outdoor.

Burst Pipe
A burst pipe is a major problem. But we’re here for any plumbing emergencies, 24/7.

Critical Leaks & Damage
Preventive maintenance of your pipes can help you avoid structural damage from burst pipes.

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