Pipe Relining Sydney

One of the most destructive issues that affect outdoor pipes lies in damage caused by tree roots. Roots may move slowly but they can break down and break up water and sewer pipes, causing significant slowing or even interruption of service. 

Call Dial Up Plumbing if you detect any of the following problems:

  • Your water bill has suddenly gotten more expensive with no logical reason
  • You suddenly see wet ground even in dry weather
  • Water pressure has reduced considerably
  • You detect a smell of sewage in or near the home

If you have any of these problems, you may need pipe relining or other services from Dial Up Plumbing

What We Do

Dial Up Plumbing uses the latest in diagnostic and repair technology to ensure fast and reliable repair. Here is our step by step method:

  • Investigate the cause of the blockage
  • Clear with high-pressure jets
  • Insert a packer into the pipe to place a durable liner
  • Remove packer once the liner is in place
  • Inflate the liner and attach firmly to the original pipe
  • The new liner serves as a new piece of pipe 

Service step-by-step process

Reach Out Today

If you suspect that you need pipe relining in Sydney, call Dial Up Plumbing today. Interrupted water could indicate that you need a relining or some other service. Regardless, you should quickly call 02 8999 6125.

Our crews will come on time to assess the problem and provide a quote. We can then get started on relining your pipes and conducting other needed repairs and restore your service quickly and reliably. 

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