Tap Repairs Sydney

Leaving your taps unrepaired may result in unnecessarily expensive water bills, a high chance of your bathroom or kitchen being flooded, and sleepless nights caused by strange noises from the tap piping. If your tap is leaking, producing strange sounds, or has become difficult to turn on and off, it likely needs repairing.

How we can help

We can repair, replace or even upgrade your existing taps, saving you from unnecessary stress and expenditure!

Service step-by-step process

Simply call us on 02 9123 9970 and we’ll send a qualified plumber to your location with a $0 callout fee. After making an assessment, we will provide you with a fixed-fee quote for the entire job before you agree to it!

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Tap Repair

The many taps throughout our home conveniently control the flow of hot and cold water, but when one is leaking or broken, it immediately goes from an asset to a real problem. Higher water bills due to wasted water, the possibility of flooding and the sheer annoyance of an incessantly dripping tap are all potential issues caused by a malfunctioning tap. Dial Up Plumbing is experienced in all types of tap repairs, for all kinds and models of taps. Our water tap repair services address tap issues including:

  •             Dripping taps
  •             Tap leaks at the handle
  •             Tap leaks at the base or joints
  •             Taps that don’t close or open completely
  •             Broken tap handles
  •             Noisy taps
  •             Low Pressure
  •             Compromised water output (e.g. ‘spraying’ or ‘misting’)
  •             and many more. 

For dripping tap repairs, leaking tap repair and solutions to all other tap issues, Dial Up Plumbing has Sydney covered.

What Causes The Most Common Tap Issues?

The key to efficiently and properly performing leaking tap repair is understanding the makeup of different taps and which malfunctioning parts can cause which problems. Some of the most common problems and their causes include:

Dripping taps – When it comes to dripping tap repair, inexperienced plumbers often run into problems because they do not know the different approaches to the different tap styles. There are four main types:

Compression Taps – These tend to be either older or more inexpensive taps. A dripping compression tap will likely require the replacement of a washer or corroded valve seat. Thanks to decades of experience, we can perform older sink tap repairs without you having to buy a new set.

Disc Taps – Ceramic disc taps are known for their reliability, and are often used in high-end fittings. The fire-hardened ceramic discs are extremely hard to damage and generally cause a perfect seal – so if one of these taps begins dripping, there is likely some sediment in between the discs. We will carefully disassemble the tap and clean it out, protecting your investment.

Cartridge Taps – Most two-handle tap sets today are cartridge type taps. When one of these taps drips, it is likely the cartridge needs replacing. Our plumbers will source the right model of cartridge and expertly install a new one.

Ball Taps – These are the ‘mixer’ type taps that control both hot and cold water with one handle. Because of the more complex design that allows them to do this, mixer tap repair can often require the replacement of a few parts. A dripping ball tap usually means you need a new inlet seal, spring or ball.

Leaking Tap Handles

Each different type of tap will need its own specific approach when the handle starts leaking.

Compression Taps – A leaking compression tap handle points to worn ‘packing’ around the compression stem. This packing may be a washer, an O-ring, or twine.

Disc Taps – If your disc-type tap is leaking, the culprit is most likely either worn out seals or sediment build-up. We will carefully open the tap assembly and diagnose the problem. In either case, we will ensure the tap is free of sediment, and where necessary we will install the correct replacement seals, ensuring they are properly aligned for years of continued service.

Cartridge Taps – Leaking cartridge tap repair most likely requires the replacement of an O-ring. This is the ring that cushions the cartridge stem, and it can easily wear out or break. After being replaced, your tap should be as good as new!

Ball Taps – A leaking ball tap is most likely caused by a worn or broken O-ring as well. Occasionally, the cap itself may be damaged. Dial Up Plumbing is experienced in kitchen mixer tap repair and repair of any other ball-type tap around the house.

Other Tap Issues

Taps leaking at the base – These are usually due to worn seals which need replacing

Taps not opening or closing – The main assembly of the tap (e.g. ball or cartridge) may be damaged, rusting may have occurred, or sediment may be preventing movement

Low pressure/’Spraying’ taps – Build up, such as mineral congestion caused by ‘hard’ water, can obstruct the water flow out of your taps. We will professionally clean your entire tap assembly to regain full water flow.

We will also repair where possible, or else replace broken tap handles.

Sydney’s Tap Repair Experts

With decades of combined experience, our team is able to expertly perform leaking tap repairs, dripping tap repairs, and address all tap issues you may experience. It is always important when repairing taps to use precisely correct replacements to avoid problems reoccurring. We use only high-quality parts to ensure that our repairs last. If you are experiencing tap issues, or are interested in upgrading your taps, contact us today.

Why do taps leak?

Taps leak due to damaged seals, worn tap assemblies or sediment that has gotten into the tap’s insides. By replacing these parts and professionally cleaning your taps, we return them to perfect working order.

Do plumbers do tap repairs?

Part of a plumber’s training is the installation and repair of taps. Our experienced team is familiar with all tap types and brands, and is equipped to handle tap repairs in the right way.