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Stop Dripping Toilet | How to stop a trickling toilet?

A trickling toilet is not only an irritation, but also wastes water. It also wastes energy, as it requires power to get water into your pipes and keep it pressurized.


Unless your toilet tank is shattered, which would be demonstrated by a pool of water on the floor, fixing a toilet leak is a straightforward process that doesn’t entail much, if any, expenditure. It’s occurring either because the tank is overflowing or because water is seeping through a faulty flapper into the bowl.

What makes toilet tank trickle?

A consistently dripping toilet tank is often caused by a worn flapper valve. Slowly dripping water from a toilet tank is not only irritating, but it also wastes water and raises your monthly water bill.

How to stop a trickling toilet?

Step 1

Observe the water level by removing the tank lid. If it reaches the level of the overflow tube, it is likely that water is draining into the tube. Adjust the float, which may be linked to the overflow tube or a ball on the end of a metal rod, to reset the level.

Step 2

Turn off the water supply valve underneath the toilet tank and flush the toilet to empty the tank. If your float is connected to the overflow tube, move the stop guide approximately an inch down the tube. There are two modifications that may be made if a ball is floating.

Step 3

With pliers, rotate the rod to which the ball is connected until the bend in the centre is pointing upward and the ball is seated deeper in the tank. Unscrew the ball to lengthen the rod if it does not have a bend. The rod will therefore apply a greater strain on the water valve, closing it more quickly.

Step 4

After adjusting, turn on the water and check the water level. You may have to perform this step many times to optimize the level. When the level is an inch below the top of the overflow tube, the valve should close.

Step 5

Examine the flapper if water is entering the bowl. If you are unsure, put some blue disinfectant in the tank and wait several hours before flushing the toilet. Typically, you can tell this is occurring because the water in the bowl is agitated. If the bowl’s water becomes blue, the flapper is leaking.

Step 6

Verify that the chain holding the flapper is long enough for it to fit into the valve when it falls. If not, disconnect and extend the chain.

Step 7

Replace the flapper if it is properly seated but continues to leak. Stop the water supply and empty the tank. Detach the chain connecting the flapper to the flush handle and pull the rubber ears away from the overflow tube’s posts to remove the flapper. Connect a fresh flapper to the chain by attaching it to the hooks.

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