All of our tradesmen have the required licences and training, they’ll turn up on time and won’t leave until you’re satisfied!

We’re 100% committed to getting the job done right. If we have to return to the same job, you won’t be charged any extra labour costs at all.

Always putting you first is what separates Dial Up from the rest. We have tried and true customer service standards expected of each of our tradesmen.

We operate on complete transparency and honesty with our pricing. You’ll know the full scope of our work before we do it, every single time.

Toilet Repair

DIY may be the trend, but there may be a few DIY jobs you don’t want to tackle, such as toilet repairs. And why should you? This is why we exist! From the dreaded clog, to slow flushing to leaks, we can handle it and set your mind at ease, after all, you can only go so long without a toilet.

Luckily we’re availble 24/7. We’ll show up on time, be able to tell what’s wrong with your toilet, and be able to repair or replace it quickly and efficiently. Our expert plumbers are some of the best in Syndney and proud of the level of service they provide.

Whatever your plumbing needs, emergency or non-emergency, Dial Up is here for you. We’re famous for our excellent service an rapid response. Just give us a call and we’re on the way!


Does your toilet need attention? Here are a few clues:

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