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Blocked Drain Tools | Top 5 Tools Used for Unblocking Drains

What are the most common blocked drain tools? How can a Sydney plumber help with blocked drains?

The first majority of people do when they encounter a blocked drain in Sydney is type “how to fix a blocked drain?” on Google. This is where they see the names of tools that feel like words from a different dictionary.

Using these tools by yourself is not recommended unless you are a professional. Or you might end up damaging more as seen in 60% of the cases. However, learning about them is not harmful.

Perhaps! this blog post will also save you from getting confused when a plumber asks, “Do you need a jet blaster?”.

Here is what Darby Hunter from Dial Up Plumbing has to say about the top 5 tools used for unblocking drains.

Top 5 Blocked Drain Tools


Plungers are standard household tools intended to clear drain obstructions. Since clogged drains are widespread plumbing issues, drain plungers provide a very efficient, economical, and simple method for unclogging drains.

The effectiveness of a plunger is based on basic suction and pressure. When the rubber cup of the plunger is sealed over the drain hole and the handle is dragged up and down, the water pressure will dislodge the majority of blockages and enable them to travel down the drain pipes.

Jet blaster

Jet blasters are equipment that blasts water in a high pressure to clear drain clogs. Also, jet blasting is one of the most recent developments and a specialised technology for clearing clogged and blocked drains, sewers, and stormwater systems on the market.

With its long-reaching and flexible hose, the machine can move through drain elbows of various pipe diameters to reach inaccessible piping system locations.

Plumbers in Sydney
Ben & Charlie from Dial Up Plumbing using drain camera

Drain camera

Drain camera provides footage from inside the pipe to investigate obstructions. CCTV drain camera inspection is a cutting-edge diagnostic technology that is used to conduct thorough pipe and drain inspections. This offers a comprehensive picture of the plumbing system’s overall status and eliminates any room for speculation.

Drain snake

Drain snake is a device that is used in the plumbing industry for cleaning drains and has both flexible cables and revolving cutting instruments. It reduces the build-up of tree roots, grease, leaves, and dirt in sewage and storm water pipelines, hence removing any obstructions that may have developed. This tool is also called electric eel.

No dig pipe relining

A lengthy or severe obstruction may cause pipe damage, as well as devastating spills and damage. When a blockage is so deeply buried, repairing or replacing it may require digging up driveways or gardens. However, we provide revolutionary no-dig pipe relining services. It is a very advanced method for repairing subterranean pipelines without ever using a shovel or excavation equipment, using specialised epoxy moulds and resin.

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