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How to clean a smelly drain?

Smelly drains is one of the major problem seen in Sydney homes. A smelly drain is a pain to the plumbing system as well as your health.

The good news is; that smelly drains can be fixed (sometimes) using drain cleaning liquids and home remedies. Although finding a drain plumber is the best solution, a problem without an underlying problem tends to get fixed using simple ingredients we can find in our kitchen.

What causes smelly drain?

There are many reasons why your drain might be smelling. Some of the most common causes include;

Growth of moulds

If your drain smells musty, mould is most likely to blame. Mould is an everyday occurrence in drains because it thrives anywhere there is moisture. It releases tiny gas puffs that smell and may be dangerous to breathe in (can cause headaches and dizziness).

Tree roots

Tree roots may develop and enter your plumbing system if a tree is grown too near to your home. This may result in clogged drains and foul-smelling pipes.

Old plumbing system

In homes constructed before the 1980s, when clay pipes were linked with cement, this issue is particularly prevalent. Because these antiquated pipes are prone to cracking, any subsurface movements might quickly result in damage that results in obstruction and a sewage build-up.

Things you need to clean a smelly drain

  • Gloves
  • Hot water
  • Vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Plunger

Ways to clean smelly drain

Using hot water

Start by simmering either water or white vinegar (when tiny bubbles appear). Slowly pour the first half down the drain.

After a little while, add cold water to let any residual muck solidify before adding the remaining hot water or vinegar to remove the remaining gunk. Boiling water should never be poured down the drain if you have PVC pipes since it might harm them.

Using vinegar and baking soda

Allow water to run through the drain for a few seconds before turning it off. Pour one cup of baking soda followed by two cups of hot vinegar down the drain (near boiling point). Allow the mixture to bubble for one hour, then set aside. Pour hot water from the faucet down the drain to determine whether the blockage is removed.

Using a plunger

You might attempt to unclog your shower drain using a plunger. However, first add petroleum jelly on the plunger’s edge, since this will improve the seal. Place the plunger on top of the drain cover.

Fill the shower with just enough hot water to immerse the plunger, and then begin aggressively plunging until the blocked drain is cleared.

When to call a blocked drain plumber?

There is not right time to ask for help. Getting in touch with a Sydney based blocked drain plumber will ensure a proper solution. Sometimes, using a home remedy may work, but, as seen in a lot of cases they do return if the problem is underlying.

Plumbing systems are very sensible and are better handled by a professional. Blocked drain professional can diagnose and fix drain problems that are not visible to human eyes and problems which our nose can’t smell. Get in touch with Sydney’s drain plumbing experts, Dial Up Plumbing if you need any help with fixing your drains in Sydney.

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