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Comparing Plumbing Quotes: Things You Need To Know

Think about this before comparing plumbing quotes

Not all plumbers provide the same level of service. The amount of time required, the price quoted, & experience someone brings into the field always varies from plumber to plumber.

Comparing Plumbing Quotes

Read this article to find out things you should be asking when comparing plumbing quotes.

How to find a local plumber?

In order to get a plumbing quote, you will need to find a plumber first. There are many ways to find a plumber online and offline. Searching “plumber near me” is one of the best ways to find reliable tradesmen. It is good to consider reviews on Google My Business when deciding.

Are you located in Sydney? With over 150 5-star reviews in various platforms, Dial Up Plumbing Services is one of the best choice when it comes to tackling plumbing issues in Sydney. Our team of licensed plumbers are always on the road and are able to provide all kinds of plumbing services Sydney-wide.

Things to consider when comparing quotes

Certification and Licensing

Not everyone who markets themselves as plumbers are licensed and insured. Make sure that when you look for plumbing quotes, you get them from licenced plumbers. This means that your pipes are being fixed by a professional plumber and not by an amateur.

You can always do a Google to see if your plumber has a licence or a check to see if their website has any extra credentials, like if they’re a member of any industry-based groups like Master Plumbers. Make sure you hire a licenced plumber for the job to protect yourself and your investment. Click here to check a tradespersons license.


Price breakdown on quote

You have a plumber and you have a price, but do you have an idea on what you are paying? A good plumber will always give you breakdown on prices, explain what needs to be done, & tell you in detail what you are paying for. The way of doing business is different from plumber to plumber and so does the prices.

A lot of plumbers have a fixed call out fee and an hourly rate. Some plumbers may charge more for “emergencies.” Some people may charge by the job or by the half-hour. Some businesses may only accept cash or credit cards. Look for professionalism at every step, and make sure you feel good about the prices that are given. Ask if there are any “hidden” or “extra” fees and if the price includes GST. Is your plumber telling you what you are paying for?

Arrival time / Emergencies

Think logically- how long can you wait if it’s a plumbing emergency? An emergency plumber should come as quickly as possible or make it clear precisely how long you will be required to wait. When a plumbing emergency occurs, most plumbers are aware that their day will not go according to plan, thus many plumbing companies have a staff on standby.

We may be able to help you in case of emergencies! Our plumbers are always on-road and can promptly react to plumbing emergencies. Please give us a call to find more.

Some tips for comparing plumbing quotes

  1. Always ask for written or emailed plumbing quotes with details.
  2. For bigger jobs, ask if financing is an option.
  3. If things looks confusing do not hesitate to ask questions
  4. Don’t hesitate to get multiple quote if you are not comfortable


Comparing quotes is not easy, specially when it comes to large jobs where low prices may be reflecting quality. It is always best to ask questions and understand what to expect from a plumbing service experience. Dial Up Plumbing Services is always here to help if you have any unanswered questions about plumbing. Also, you can always give us a call at (02) 8999 6125 if you are based in Sydney and are looking for a plumbing quote.

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Ben Harb is a highly skilled and experienced professional in the plumbing industry, with a particular focus on blocked drains and pipe relining. A qualified licensed plumber as well as a pipe relining specialist who can tackle an extensive range of plumbing issues.

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