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Fixing Gurgling Kitchen Sink Noises

A gurgling sink is just the sound of water running under a kitchen sink. If your sink makes a gurgling sound after you use it or after the water drains, it can not only be annoying, but alarm bells start to ring.

Continue reading till the end to find out the main reasons behind the gurgling sound and ways to fix it.

Why does the kitchen sink produce a “gurgling sound”?

The noise might be caused by either water rushing down a drain or air bubbles rising to the surface. It can be difficult to tell one version of this noise from another once it has filtered up from your sewer due to the amplifying effect of the plumbing pipe.

It’s important to differentiate this sound from ones that are not gurgling, as sounds like pounding and hissing signify entirely different issues.

What are the reasons behind the gurgling kitchen sink?

There are a handful of things that could be causing your kitchen sink to gurgle and fixing them won’t be easy without professional help. Keeping that in mind, the most typical causes of gurgling sounds in the sink are discussed below:

  • The most common source of gurgling sounds from a sink is poor drainage ventilation or a partially clogged drain. The noise is the result of a vacuum that forms when water doesn’t drain properly.
  • The accumulation of food particles and other waste can delay drainage and produce an unpleasant gurgling sound.
  • The accumulation of hair in the drain is a common problem with bathrooms. If the blockage is too severe, you may need a plumber, but you can try clearing it with a plunger.
  • The drain being too shallow is another typical problem.
  • Damage to the S-trap can impede water drainage and even produce a vacuum.
  • If the drain in your bathroom is clogged, water will back up and gurgle.

Is the gurgling sounds a serious issue?

You shouldn’t have to worry about any harm to your property right now if the issue has just started. Although some of the above-mentioned reasons for gurgling sinks may be more dangerous than others, it is still important to address the issue as soon as possible.

Dealing with the problem as soon as you see it gives you the best chance of preventing more damage to your property and, in certain cases, reducing the total cost of repairs.

Why do you need to fix the gurgling kitchen sink?

Your sink will likely start to smell if there is a clog within it. When you’re in the middle of preparing a meal, the last thing you want to deal with is the odour of rotting food trapped in your drainpipe or, even worse, the smell of sewage gas seeping into your home because of a clogged drain.

If your sink is clogged, water will pool and won’t drain even when you run the water. This is an inconvenient condition to have to deal with. Therefore, it is recommended that you fix your gurgling sink as soon as possible.

How to clear a gurgling kitchen sink?

Pouring baking soda and boiling water

Place baking soda down the drain and watch it fizz away. To facilitate its smooth entry into the sewer, a funnel can be used. And then flush the drain with two cups of boiling water.

Hot water is used for removing any greasy or oily substances, and baking soda makes the process even faster.

Using an auger or electric eel to clear a blocked drain

It’s common for us to unclog sinks that have become clogged with hair. An auger or electric eel can be used to clear such obstructions from pipes. You can use an electric eel to get rid of stubborn clogs or to explore hidden sections of your plumbing system.

You can easily buy one from a nearby hardware store. It resembles a zip tie and has barbs on one side that can be used to grip bulky hair tangles.

Clear the air admittance valve or plumbing vent

It’s common for a clog to form in the main vent entrance, causing water to back up into the bathroom after flushing the toilet. Bathroom roofs are common locations for homes’ primary vents. Pour hot water down the drain or use a sewage auger to break up the clog.
The use of a vent has been replaced in some houses by a valve that allows outside air in. You’ll find this control panel right after the S-trap. The gurgling noise coming from your kitchen sink could be the result of a faulty valve.

Fix S-trap

The S-trap, a U-shaped pipe located under your sink, is there to prevent sewer gases from entering your home through the pipes that carry them. A gurgling noise can be heard if the S-trap is too far from the vent and the drain. This causes a vacuum that draws water out of the S-trap.

Your drain’s S-trap connection should be no more than 24 inches away from the end of the longest tailpiece, arm, or fitting.
A 1.5-inch drain pipe, for instance, requires a vent height of 3.5 feet above the trap floor. You’ll have to adjust the piping to make more space if yours is any closer.

Flushing the system in your house

Run hot water for 15 minutes if the main vent, air admittance valve, and S-trap all seem fine; if they don’t, then you may need to investigate further.

The problem may be merely a minor obstruction in the system that can be easily cleared by giving the toilet a fast flush. Having a professional clean the system may be especially important if your home is rather old. We are just one call away. So, give us call on (02) 8999 6125.

Clear the main vent in your house

Gurgling can be corrected by either getting a sewer auger or shooting water at high pressure into the vent outlet. If you decide to use an auger, remember that it must be long enough to reach your home’s sewage system. Most likely, the vent for your plumbing system is located in the ceiling of your main bathroom.

Roof access, high-pressure water, or specialist equipment are often necessary for this type of repair, making it a challenging and perhaps risky task. In this case, contact your expert plumber.

Are you still experiencing the gurgling sound?

A gurgling sink may not seem like a huge deal, but it’s usually an indicator of a more serious issue that could lead to a costly repair bill later on.

Calling a professional is your best bet if you’ve tried everything else and your kitchen sink is still making noise. Get in touch with Dial Up Plumbing Services on (02) 8999 6125.

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