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Hot Water Installation Cost

Hot Water installation cost can vary depending upon many factors. When time comes to change hot water systems, cost is one of the major factors that people look after. Generally, when you are simply changing the hot water system, the price can vary from $500- 750.

Meanwhile, if you are switching from electric water system to LPG or vice versa, the cost may go higher up to $1400. It is because of the extra work required during the installation phase that causes the price to go high. Similarly, the cost for installing gas hot water system starts from $150.

People may also require additional fittings when completing the hot water installation. In such cases, your plumbing company will give you a quote which may be a bit higher due to the extra installation work. It is recommended to use an experienced plumber when it comes to hot water installations.

Firstly, you may be risking your warranty when using an inexperienced plumber. Also, the performance and life-span of the hot water system is highly dependent upon the installation work.


Hot Water Installation Costs


The major factors that impacts the water heater installation cost is the complexity of job. The will also vary on the type of hot water system you choose, and whether you need one with a storage tank. Pricing are generally higher when extra piping is required.

Here are a few things to remember;

  1. Hot water system installation will vary upon the difficulty involved in the installation process.
  2. The prices mentioned above are estimates only. The prices are subject to change.
  3. The price does not includes water heater tempering valve.

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