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How to Install a Ceramic Disc Tap Set?

Stay with us till the end to learn how to properly install a ceramic disc tap set!

No one likes the sound of dripping taps. However, with the conventional rubber washer, wear and tear is always a possibility.

Ceramic Disc tap sets are seen as one of the best solution to avoid this problem. However, installing one could be very confusing.

Disclaimer: Please use a professional Sydney plumber to get your ceramic disc tap installed to avoid guarantee voids. This will ensure that your taps will run efficiently for years to come.

Before moving into the actual steps to help ourselves install ceramic disc taps, lets learn what are ceramic disc tap sets and why are they seen as a better option.

Why are Ceramic Discs better?

Ceramic discs are durable and long wearing compared to tap washers. It saves a lot of expense in the long run. Ceramic discs are more durable and reliable. The reason why ceramic discs are better than the tap washers is because with ceramic discs there is no constant turning involved when changing the flow of the water.

In fact, ceramic discs are designed to last lifetime. Also, with ceramic discs you can shut off the tap with far less efforts. Also, most of the modern day taps contains ceramic disc cartridge. This means, if you think better things can only come for a better price- you can breathe!

Ceramic Disc Spindle mechanism

The ceramic cartridge spindle enables you to shut off a tap with a quarter turn. Additionally, your ceramic discs will last longer than a regular rubber washer. It is far more durable.

Additionally, the ceramic disc cartridges include two ceramic discs with two holes each. The holes are used to accommodate the mixer taps. Additionally, you may discover a single hole for pillar or two-handle taps.

As a result, one disc remains fixed in position while the other moves in response to the tap handle. When they are both aligned, your water may flow. If they are not aligned, the water remains where it is.

Tools you will need to install a tap

  1. Spanners
  2. Wrench
  3. Pliers
  4. PTFE tape
  5. Washing bowl
  6. Towel
  7. Grease
  8. Screwdriver

How to install a ceramic disc tap set?

Follow the following steps to properly install a ceramic disc tap set. Please try using a professional plumber if you are not experienced, as your warranties and efficiency of tap might be affected.

Step 1: Turn off the water source

This is always the first step in most of the plumbing repairs. If you do not turn the water source off before changing a tap, you are risking a flood.

Also, if there are any electric lines nearby please make sure that you disconnect those.

Step 2: Drain the pipes in efficient manner

Before you turn off the water source, some water would already have been collected in pipes. The best way to drain pipes is to open the lowest hot and cold outlet in your property. Opening the lowest one will ensure that all the water drains from the pipe.

Step 3: Take off the old tap washer

You will have to remove your old tap before installing the new one. You can take off your old tap by simply using a spanner or wrench. Undo the handle, flange, and spindle, and make sure you remove all the parts properly. Do not forget to clean the grout if there is any.

Step 4: Prepare the new tap for installation

Now, preparing is also an important step. Because realising that you are missing a part in the middle of the installation process is a hectic situation to be in. Most of the tap sets contains of the following parts;

  1. handle
  2. flange
  3. nut
  4. washer
  5. ceramic cartridge

Disassemble the parts and prepare to put the tap in place for the next step.

Step 5: Disassemble locking nut & adjust cartridge

It is very crucial to make sure that we separate the locking nut from the spindle. It should be sealed against the existing tap seat. Please make sure that you set the ceramic cartridge right. Start to screw the ceramic cartridge with hands. Lastly, you can also use an adjustable wrench if required.

Two tips when it comes to adjusting the cartridge. Number one! Add some grease to seat and top section of the tap. This will ensure that the tap runs efficiently for years to come. Number two! don’t use too much force while adjusting the cartridge.

Step 6: Place the fibre washer and tighten dress flange

After the ceramic cartridge is in place, the next step is to place the fibre washer over it. Same as the cartridge, remember not to use too much force when tightening the fibre washer. Check that the nut is adjusted correctly, so that you do not have any problems in the future.

It’s time to dress the tap now. Screw the dress flange into the locking nut. It’s as easy as that. But nothing will tighten the dress flange. You shouldn’t. It’s constructed of ceramic and too much pressure may shatter it. Just tighten it with your hand.

Step 7: Place the handle and turn on the water supply

You just have one more component to complete. Handle So, take your handle and adjust it to your liking. Then tighten it precisely . Also, if you have a hot or cold icon, apply them. Now verify whether everything fits properly. If necessary, make modifications.

If everything is perfect, switch on your water supply. On your major lines. Nonetheless, have towels handy in case of leaks. Now is the time to test. Also, if you’re happy, congrats. Now what?

Need help on installing ceramic disc tap?

Get in touch with Dial Up Plumbing Services if you need help with replacing your taps in Sydney. We are Sydney’s most recommended team of residential plumbers specializing in tap replacement and repairs. We also provide emergency plumbing services Sydney-wide.

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