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What is pipe relining, and how does it work?

Pipe relining is a process used to repair damaged or broken pipes without having to dig up and replace the entire pipe. Instead, a new lining is inserted into the existing pipe, creating a new, durable surface that can last for decades.

Pipe relining is a cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional pipe replacement, as it can be completed in a fraction of the time and with minimal disruption to the surrounding area. It also eliminates the need for digging and excavation, making it a more environmentally-friendly solution.

What are the advantages of pipe relining?

  •         Cost-effective alternative to traditional pipe replacement
  •         Minimizes disruption to surrounding area during repairs
  •         Quick and efficient process
  •         Eliminates the need for digging and excavation
  •         Can be used to repair pipes of all sizes and materials
  •         Creates a strong, seamless seal that restores structural integrity of pipe
  •         Environmentally-friendly solution
  •         Extends the lifespan of plumbing system
  •         Prevents future leaks and pipe damage

Are there any disadvantages to pipe relining?

Pipe relining has many advantages over traditional ways of replacing pipes, but there are also a few things to think about that could go wrong:

  •        Not all types of pipes are suitable for relining, and some may require complete replacement.
  •          The lining material used may not be suitable for certain chemicals or extreme temperatures, which could lead to further damage.
  •        The process of relining can sometimes reduce the diameter of the pipe, which could potentially impact water flow or capacity.
  •        The cost of relining can sometimes be higher than traditional pipe replacement methods, depending on the extent of the damage and the size of the pipe.
  •        The process of relining may require access points to be created, which could require some excavation or removal of fixtures such as toilets or sinks.

Before you decide if pipe relining is the best choice for your plumbing needs, you should talk to a qualified Dial Up plumber about all of your options and weigh the pros and cons. Give us a call on (02) 8999 6125 to explore your options.

what is pipe relining

Pipe relining vs. pipe replacement: What’s the difference?

Pipe relining and pipe replacement are two methods used to repair damaged pipes, but they differ in the approach taken. Pipe replacement involves excavating and removing the damaged pipe, and replacing it with a new pipe. This method is typically used for severe damage, extensive corrosion, or collapsed pipes.

Pipe relining, on the other hand, involves putting a flexible liner coated with resin into a broken pipe and curing it in place to make a new pipe that is seamless. This is the best way to fix small problems like cracks or holes. It is also less disruptive and cheaper than replacing the pipe.

Pipe relining is also a faster solution since it does not require excavation and can be completed in a fraction of the time it takes to replace a pipe. Both methods have pros and cons, and the decision about which one to use depends on how bad the damage is, where the pipe is, and how much money is available. For a free approximate quote over the phone or to book us, call us now on (02) 8999 6125.

How costly is pipe relining?

Pipe relining costs can vary based on things like the size and material of the pipe, the amount of damage, and how complicated the repair is.

Pipe relining, on the other hand, can be less expensive on average than traditional methods of pipe replacement.

In general, the cost of pipe relining can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending on the specific circumstances of the repair. It is recommended to get a quote from a qualified plumber to determine the exact cost of the repair for your specific plumbing needs.

How Does Pipe Relining Work?

The pipe relining process begins with a thorough inspection of the damaged pipe using a CCTV camera. The camera helps to identify the location and extent of the damage. Once the inspection is complete, the damaged pipe is cleaned using a high-pressure jet to remove any debris and blockages.

The next step is to insert the flexible liner into the damaged pipe. The liner is made from a material that is strong and durable, yet flexible enough to fit into the damaged pipe. The liner is filled with a resin that turns hard when heated or exposed to UV light.

The liner is then inflated using air pressure, which causes it to expand and press against the inside of the damaged pipe. The resin in the liner is then cured using heat or UV light, which causes it to harden and form a new, seamless pipe within the old one. The liner is used to create a new pipe that is strong, long-lasting, and hard to damage.

Once the curing process is done, the liner is deflated and taken out, leaving a new pipe inside the old one that is seamless. The new pipe has a smooth surface that prevents blockages and provides better water flow. If you have any queries regarding pipe relining, you can call us on (02) 8999 6125.

When is pipe relining more beneficial than pipe replacement?

When the damage to the pipe is not bad enough to need a full replacement, pipe relining is better than pipe replacement. If the damage is localized, pipe relining can repair the affected section without having to replace the entire pipe. Additionally, pipe relining is less disruptive than pipe replacement since it does not require excavation and can be completed more quickly.

Pipe relining is also more cost-effective than pipe replacement, especially for larger pipes or pipes in hard-to-reach areas. Pipe replacement can cost a lot of money and take a long time. It may also require other repairs to the infrastructure or landscaping.

Overall, pipe relining is a more efficient and cost-effective solution for repairing damaged pipes in many situations, making it a better choice than pipe replacement to a certain extent.

Why choose Dial Up for pipe relining?

Our experienced and licensed plumbers use advanced technology and durable materials to ensure an efficient and effective process.

Our transparent pricing policy and competitive prices make us a cost-effective option. Additionally, our non-invasive process ensures minimal disruption to your property, and our excellent customer service and follow-up services guarantee satisfaction. Dial Up Plumbing Services is a reliable and trusted plumbing company that is a top choice for anyone in need of pipe relining services.

Call us on (02) 8999 6125 to get your prompt and peace of mind plumbing service.

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