We’re the go-to specialists for unblocking drains. Don’t let a blocked drain disrupt your day – Contact us now for fast and reliable service!

We specialise in unblocking drains.

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Calling all Cronulla residents! Tackling plumbing woes just got easier. Our friendly plumbers in Cronulla are your local problem-solvers for everything from blocked drains, pipe relining, and tap and toilet repairs to those sudden burst pipes. We’re here to keep your plumbing in top shape!

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Plumbing Services in Cronulla

Dial Up Plumbing, established for over ten years, is a family-operated business providing various plumbing services. With a team of licensed plumbers in Cronulla, the company addresses all plumbing needs around the clock, ensuring rapid response, completion times, and transparent pricing.

Blocked Drain services in sydney

Blocked Drains in Cronulla

Experiencing a blocked drain can significantly disrupt daily activities. We specialise in swiftly addressing such issues in Cronulla, employing modern techniques and tools to diagnose and resolve blockages effectively. The team is prepared to tackle obstructions of any size, aiming to restore proper flow and prevent potential property damage or further plumbing complications.

Pipe Relining in Cronulla

Pipe relining offers a trenchless method to repair damaged pipes by creating a new pipe within the old one. This technique is less intrusive, preserving landscapes, floors, and walls while restoring the pipe. The process involves assessing the damage, cleaning the existing pipe, and inserting and curing the lining, offering a durable repair solution.

Plumbing Installations & Repairs

We deliver comprehensive solutions for plumbing installations and repairs across Cronulla. The scope of services includes:


  • Fixing leaks
  • Repairing taps and toilets
  • Addressing burst pipes
  • Installing hot water systems
  • Managing gas plumbing needs


The focus is ensuring that all installations and repairs are conducted precisely, aiming for the system’s long-term efficiency and reliability.

Why Cronulla Trusts Dial Up Plumbing

Dial Up Plumbing is renowned in Cronulla for its dependable service and commitment to quality. Operating for over ten years, our family-owned business has become the go-to Cronulla plumber for various plumbing needs. The emphasis on leveraging advanced technology and ensuring durability in every task distinguishes us from other plumbers.

Dial Up Plumbing

Commitment to Quality and Durability

Our approach involves consistently using high-quality materials and the latest technology. This practice guarantees the resolution of immediate plumbing concerns and contributes to the longevity and reliability of the plumbing systems serviced. The team’s licensed plumbers are dedicated to maintaining high service standards, ensuring that all projects, regardless of size, are executed with precision and care.

Pipe Relining Sydney-wide

Fast, Efficient, and Friendly Service

Our services include:


Rapid Same-Day Response

We recognise the urgency of plumbing issues, offering same-day service to address and resolve problems swiftly. Available 24/7, the team is committed to providing timely assistance, ensuring that residents of Cronulla can access prompt and efficient plumbing solutions whenever needed. This responsiveness and dedication to quality and customer satisfaction have solidified our reputation within the community.

Dial Up Plumbing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Dial Up Plumbing

Below are answers to some of the most common plumbing questions we receive from our clients.

Yes, all our plumbers are fully licensed and qualified to perform various plumbing services following Australian standards and regulations. Our team’s credentials ensure that every job, from minor repairs to central installations, is carried out with professionalism and expertise.

Pipe relining is used to repair damaged pipes by creating a new, durable lining inside the existing pipe, effectively sealing any breaks or leaks without excavating. Pipe repair typically involves physically accessing the damaged section of the pipe, which might require digging and then replacing or fixing the damaged part. Pipe relining is less invasive and often preferred for its efficiency and minimal disruption.

Yes, our plumbers provide 24-hour servicing to ensure that you have access to immediate assistance for any plumbing emergencies that may arise, regardless of the time of day or night. Our commitment is to offer reliable and timely solutions to our clients in Cronulla and the wider Sydney area.

Dial Up Plumbing

Always Ready to Resolve Your Plumbing Concerns

Encountering plumbing problems can be frustrating, but finding a solution doesn’t have to be. Dial Up Plumbing is dedicated to providing the Cronulla community with reliable, high-quality plumbing services. 

Experience the satisfaction of knowing your plumbing needs are in capable hands. Trust us for prompt, professional, and proficient plumbing services. Contact us now!

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