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Ever found yourself in a plumbing bind in Menai? Fear not! Our Menai expert plumbers are here to save the day. Whether it’s a tricky blocked drain, pipe relining, tap repairs, toilet mishaps, or a burst pipe emergency, we’re your go-to for all things plumbing. Ready to roll up our sleeves and get the job done!

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Our Plumbing Services in Menai

Dial Up Plumbing is a family-owned business operating for over a decade and provides a comprehensive range of plumbing services in Menai. With a team of licensed plumbers, we offer 24-hour service on demand, ensuring rapid turnaround and job completion with upfront pricing. Our services cater to emergency and routine plumbing needs, making us the first call for many looking for a reliable plumber in Menai.

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Drain Plumbing & Maintenance

Blocked drains can cause significant inconvenience and potential damage to properties if not addressed promptly. Our team specialises in drain plumbing and maintenance, employing state-of-the-art technology to diagnose and resolve issues efficiently. From kitchen sinks to main sewer lines, our expertise covers all aspects of drain care, including routine cleaning, blockage removal, and preventive maintenance. Our approach ensures that your drainage system functions smoothly, preventing future blockages and maintaining the health of your plumbing infrastructure.

Trenchless Pipe Relining Services

Trenchless pipe relining is a modern, no-dig solution for repairing damaged pipes. This service is ideal for fixing issues caused by tree root intrusions, cracks, or breaks in sewer and stormwater pipes without extensive excavation. Our trenchless relining technology lets us repair pipes internally, minimising disruption to your property and the surrounding area. This method is both time-efficient and cost-effective, extending the life of your plumbing system without the need for complete replacement.

Leak Detection & Repair

If left undetected, water leaks can lead to significant water waste and damage to a property. Our leak detection and repair service is designed to identify the source of leaks using advanced diagnostic equipment accurately. Whether it’s a leaking tap, a hidden pipe leak, or a significant burst pipe, our skilled plumbers in Menai are equipped to handle all types of leak issues. We prioritise efficient, effective repairs to prevent damage and conserve water, promptly restoring your plumbing system to optimal condition.

Why Choose Us for Plumbing in Menai

Choosing a plumber is crucial for ensuring long-lasting and practical solutions when addressing plumbing issues. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive suite of plumbing services, each designed to meet the specific needs of our clients. 


Here’s what we offer:


  • Blocked Drain: Utilising advanced techniques and equipment, we quickly identify and clear blocked drains, preventing potential damage and restoring normal flow.
  • Toilet Repair: From leaks to blockages and flushing issues, our expertise extends to all aspects of toilet repair, ensuring your facilities are always in top condition.
  • Leak Detection: Employing state-of-the-art technology, we accurately locate leaks within your plumbing system, minimising water waste and preventing property damage.
  • Burst Pipes: Our rapid response team is equipped to handle emergency burst pipe repairs, mitigate water damage, and restore your plumbing system’s integrity.
  • Tap Repairs: We address all tap issues, including leaks, drips, and operational faults, ensuring efficient and reliable tap function.
  • Hot Water System: Our services include the repair, maintenance, and installation of hot water systems, guaranteeing you have access to hot water when you need it.
  • Gas Fitting: Certified and experienced, our team handles all aspects of gas fitting, from installations to leak repairs, prioritising safety and compliance.
  • Stormwater Blockage: We tackle stormwater blockages, ensuring proper drainage and preventing water damage to your property.
  • Pipe Relining: Offering a no-dig solution to pipe repair, our trenchless pipe relining services fix your plumbing with minimal disruption.
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Years of Experience

Choosing a Menai plumber with years of experience ensures that you receive expert service and insightful solutions according to your plumbing needs. Our extensive experience lets us quickly diagnose and resolve any plumbing issue, saving you time and money.

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The Latest in Plumbing Equipment

Our investment matches our commitment to quality service in the latest plumbing equipment. This technology enables us to perform services efficiently and effectively, from leak detection to trenchless pipe relining, ensuring we can precisely address even the most complex plumbing challenges.

24-Hour Plumbing Services

Understanding that plumbing emergencies can occur anytime, we offer 24-hour plumbing services in Menai. Whether it’s a weekend, holiday, or the middle of the night, our team is ready to respond to your call, providing rapid, reliable, and practical solutions to your urgent plumbing needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Dial Up Plumbing

Here, we aim to provide clear answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding our services.

In a plumbing emergency, immediately turn off the main water supply to minimise damage. Then, call a professional plumber to assess and fix the issue promptly. Avoid attempting complex repairs yourself, as it could lead to further damage.

Yes, all our plumbers are fully licensed to operate in Sydney and carry comprehensive insurance. This ensures all plumbing work is performed to high standards and fully complies with Australian regulations.

We offer 24-hour emergency plumbing services in Menai and strive to arrive quickly. Our response time can vary depending on the location and time of day, but we aim to be on-site in the shortest time possible to address your emergency.

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Don’t let plumbing issues disrupt your day. Whether you’re facing an urgent emergency, planning a renovation, or need routine maintenance, we’ve got you covered. 


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