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Are you looking for a plumber in Rooty Hill, NSW? Or encountered an emergency plumbing issue? Get in touch with Dial Up Plumbing Services for a seamless plumbing service experience.

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Plumbers are experts when it comes to unblocking drains, fixing pipes, detecting plumbing leaks,  unclogging sink, hot water installation, and many more. A licensed gas plumber can even help you with gas installation.

We are a licensed plumbing service provider helping you with blocked drain repairs, pipe relining, leaking tap fixes, pipe installations, and all kinds of other plumbing installations and repairs.

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Dial Up Plumbing services has delivered top-notch plumbing service to the residents of Rooty Hill for over last 20 years.

We are a plumbing service with a difference. Choosing the right plumbing company is very vital, and can make a difference of quality and cost.

Our Rooty Hill plumbers can attend you for a same-day service at your commercial or residential property solving any kind of plumbing issue at an affordable rate.

Our licensed plumbers are trained and experienced when it comes to fixing blocked drains, repairing showers, sealing leaking pipes, and pipe relining as well. Specially, residential homeowners in Rooty Hill encounter a lot of problems in the form of plumbing emergencies.

We can attend to emergency plumbing situations

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Our plumbers have a reputation for being reliable and available at times when you need us. The team of Dial Up Plumbing Services is comprised of plumbing experts coming from different parts of Sydney and can come to you quickly as possible in terms of any plumbing emergency.

No job is too big or small for us. We’ve encountered a wide variety of jobs in the past, from slow draining pipes and gurgling noises to complete blockages, overflowing toilets, and tree roots causing damage to residents’ homes!

Some common plumbing problems we respond to 

As plumbing experts, we can provide you with a quote for any problem and recommend permanent solutions to ensure that the same issue never occurs again. Some of the plumbing problems that we often get inquiries for are;

🟨 My toilet is not flushing, toilet water not filling, blocked toilets

🟨 Tree roots blocking the pipes, blocked drains, storm water blocked drain

🟨 Leaking taps, burst taps, shower repairs, and leaking showers

🟨 Hot water system not working, cold water coming from taps and more

Whatever the plumbing problem is, the solution is just a dial away: Contact Dial Up Plumbing today!

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We Specialise in Fixing Blocked Drains

When it comes to unblocking drains in Rooty Hill, our drain plumbers are the best. We unblock sinks, toilets, sewer, and drainage with perfection.
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We provide all kinds of residential and commercial plumbing solutions in Rooty Hill. Our range of plumbing services includes pipe relining, blocked drain repairs, shower repairs, bathroom installations, hot water replacements and many more. In fact, our commercial plumbers in Rooty Hill are regarded as the best service providers by the local residents.

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The cost of hiring a plumber varies on a lot of things. In most cases we need to come to your place and inspect the situation in order to provide the right cost structure. However, we can always give you a rough idea on costing if you get in touch with us.

Rooty Hill is a suburb of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Rooty Hill is located 42 kilometres west of the Sydney central business district, in the local government area of the City of Blacktown and is part of the Greater Western Sydney region.

Rooty Hill was broadly inhabited by the Darug people before European settlement.

The earliest exploration of the area was led by Captain Watkin Tench in 1789. The origin of this name puzzled historians for many years because the clue lay not in Blacktown City but on Norfolk Island. Governor Philip Gidley King had been in charge of the first settlement there in early 1788 and had noted that the hillside where he had built his Government House had been difficult to dig owing to the amount of tree roots beneath the surface. The hill on Norfolk became known as Rooty Hill and the name is now official. When King returned to New South Wales he built the headquarters for his government reserve of 1802 at the foot of a hill that reminded him of the Norfolk Island Rooty Hill and used the same name. The name Rooty Hill first appeared on a map in 1803.

The early development of the area came when Captain William Minchin was given a grant of 400 hectares (1,000 acres) in 1819, leading to the development of the Minchinbury estate. Dr Charles McKay purchased the estate in 1859 and subdivided it in the 1880s. Afterwards, the Watts family built Watts Cottage in Watt Street. It combines Italianate elements with a bullnose verandah and is almost unique in the Blacktown Municipality. It is locally heritage-listed.

In 1890, the Imperial Hotel was built north of the railway station by F.J. Weston. It was intended to cater for the crowds who attended the greyhound racing at Lamb’s Woodstock Coursing Track at Plumpton. By the early 1970s it had become semi-derelict, but was acquired by a local dentist in 1977. It reopened in 1982 and is now state heritage-listed.

In 1891, the Pioneer Memorial Church, located on Rooty Hill Road South, was built on land donated by Dr Charles McKay. It was originally a Baptist church, but was later acquired for the Presbyterian community by James Angus, owner of the Minchinbury estate from 1895. It is still in use and is locally heritage-listed.

In 1902–1903, the School of Arts, located in Rooty Hill Road South, was built by the residents for community activities. The foundation stone was laid 1 November 1902, by Miss Angus, daughter of James Angus. It is locally heritage-listed.

On 13 April 1916, James Angus was killed at Rooty Hill railway crossing, as a result of being hit by that morning’s express train. He was survived by his wife, his son James (of Adelaide), his son John (a pastoralist in New South Wales) and his daughter, who by that time was the widow Mrs Fleming.

The name of James Angus is preserved in Angus Avenue; Charles McKay’s name survives in Dr Charles McKay Reserve; the name of the Evans family, who built Fairholme, survives in Evans Road. Fairholme, now part of the St Agnes Catholic High School, is locally heritage-listed.

During and following World War II, Australia had realised its demographic crisis in simply not having enough people, exacerbated by the threat of Japanese invasion. In response, Australia allowed immigration from more and more nations as previously restricted by the White Australia policy. In 1973, the Whitlam government effectively abolished the White Australia policy, meaning people would not be denied immigration due to their nationality. Notably, this allowed immigrants from Asia to come in, and in the ensuing decades, especially from the 1990s-2010s, many Filipinos, Indians, Pakistanis, Polynesians and Chinese immigrants populated Rooty Hill, rendering the suburb in the multicultural state it is in today.

In 1964, the Rooty Hill RSL (now known as West HQ) was built, and over time turned into the largest licensed club in New South Wales, serving as a hub for entertainment, fitness and lifestyle. Dubbed by some as the “Vegas of the West”, the RSL also has Western Sydney’s largest gym, five star accommodation and conference facilities. Currently, the RSL has approximately 50,000 members. West HQ also has Sydney Coliseum Theatre, intended to somewhat be “Sydney Opera House of Western Sydney”.

Rooty Hill has a number of heritage-listed sites, including: Dunsmore Street: Government Depot Site

In the 2021 Census, there were 16,176 people in Rooty Hill, 48.9% of who were male and 51.1% of who were female. The median age was 37, lower than Australia’s national median of 38. The median weekly income was $2,001, higher than Australia’s national median of $1,250. The average motor vehicles per dwelling was 1.9.

The most common ancestries were Filipino 21.0%, Australian 14.9% English 13.0%, Indian 8.3% and Pakistani 4.0%.

Because of Rooty Hill’s high Filipino population, some refer to it as the Little Manila of Sydney, consolidated by the many Filipino restaurants and businesses. However, some attribute Blacktown City Council as a whole as Little Manila rather than just Rooty Hill.

Rooty Hill is home to the multi-sports Blacktown International Sportspark, which includes two cricket grounds (which have also been used for Australian rules football), an athletics track and field, three baseball diamonds, two soccer fields, four softball diamonds, administration centers and park land. It has been used as a training and administrative base for the Greater Western Sydney Giants from 2010 to 2012, and for the Western Sydney Wanderers FC since 2012. Since 2010 the Sydney Blue Sox of the Australian Baseball League have used the main baseball stadium as their home field. There is also a boutique stadium at the facility which hosts National Premier League fixtures for Blacktown Spartans FC. The sports park has a McDonald’s.

Rooty Hill is home to West HQ,where there is a Zone Bowling centre, the Sydney Coliseum Theatre, numerous restaurants, a Novotel location, a gymnastics & aquatics centre and a gym.

Rooty Hill is also home to Rooty Hill Skatepark.

The main commercial area of Rooty Hill is primarily on Rooty Hill Road North and Rooty Hill Road South, surrounding the railway station, especially on Rooty Hill Road North. There is also a significant commercial area on the intersection of North Parade, Sherbrooke Street and Railway Street, where the Sydney Coliseum Theatre can be found.

Rooty Hill railway station is served by Sydney Trains’ North Shore & Western Line (T1) services, allowing customers to travel west towards Penrith, east towards Central, and north towards Hornsby without having to change at any stations. Rooty Hill station opened on 23 December 1861 as the terminus of the Main Western line when it was extended from Blacktown. On 1 May 1862, the line was extended to St Marys. The station was rebuilt in the 1940s. In 2020, a station upgrade was completed, with renovated platforms, 4 lifts, a new concourse/footbridge replacing the old one, a 6 storey parking garage, and a facelift of the surrounding area.

Rooty Hill is served by buses which allow its residents to travel east towards Blacktown and throughout Mount Druitt and its satellite suburbs. Notable services would be the 756 and 728.

Rooty Hill Road North and Rooty Hill Road South act as important roads which run along Rooty Hill’s longitude, with Rooty Hill Road North connecting Rooty Hill with Plumpton, Oakhurst, and Hassall Grove. Rooty Hill Road South, meanwhile, connects Rooty Hill with Minchinbury, and provides access to the Great Western Highway and the M4 Motorway. Woodstock Avenue connects Rooty Hill with Mount Druitt and Whalan, and also provides access to the Westlink M7 (M7 motorway). Francis Road runs over the railway tracks, connecting the North with the South and connects Rooty Hill with Doonside, once the road turns into Eastern Road after an intersection with Rooty Hill Road South. North Parade and Beames Avenue run along Rooty Hill’s latitude, with North Parade connecting the suburb with Mount Druitt’s commercial centre.

Rooty Hill Masjid serves as the main mosque for the area. Despite being named after Rooty Hill, the Rooty Hill Masjid is actually in Mount Druitt, though is on the border between Rooty Hill and Mount Druitt.

No proper temples exist, however the Hindu Priest/Pundit Prakash Maharaj offers pooja and ritual services.

Notable residents include:

33°46′18″S 150°50′38″E / 33.77167°S 150.84389°E / -33.77167; 150.84389

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Felix Wang
I was very happy was my recent call to Dial Up Plumbing. I had the pleasure of getting Chris as my plumber who was very professional and arrived on time to my property. Chris answered all my questions regarding my plumbing issue on my sink. He provided great customer service and helped me fix my sink. Absolute legend!
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SGH Design & Constructions
Darby and Marc did a very good job cleaning my storm water line and locating all the pipe for me thank you so much guys can’t recommend enough
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Ullash Bhandari
I had a fantastic experience with Dial Up Plumbing! Darby and Mark came to our apartment to fix a sink that had been blocked for about 2 weeks. Not only did they clear the blockage efficiently, but they also tightened up the sink tap with precision, ensuring no possible leakage or issues in the future. Their expertise and professionalism were truly impressive. I highly recommend Dial Up Plumbing for all your plumbing needs. Thanks, Darby and Mark!
Hong Marshall
Hong Marshall
Darby and Mark did a wonderful job for me. They relining both sides of stormwater pipes, install a new pit and make a new connection to the street(due to my neighbour’s used my old connection and left me with no connection). They do take every detail very seriously and replace all the old joins. Now every thing is 5 stars. They keep telling me that I can call them any time If anything happens. They are wonderful people. They came on time and clean everything before they go on each time. I ask , they answer and make me so comfortable. Thanks Charlie and Claire for organise this job and make it happen so smooth. Thanks 🙏
Kate Ermacora
Kate Ermacora
Darby and Mark came within a few hours of calling Dial Up Plumbing. Did a good job of connecting my washing machine to the outlet drain wirh new pipes and replacing the old leaky taps. Nice clean finished work. Also helped fix another plumbing problem at no extra charge. Happy to have everthing fixed up so quickly! Thank you!
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Kate Moylan
Fantastic service and super responsive.Charlie and Chris were so easy to deal with and explained everything clearly
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Jaydikus Hutt
Ben and Chris came in got to the job straight away! Very professional and left the areas clean and brand new toilets and taps look amazing. Thank you
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Maria Bozikis
Our plumber , Charlie, was punctual, helpful and efficient. Job completed in less than 20 mins. Provided maintenance advice to avoid similar problems. I would recommend.

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