Stormwater Drain Repairs

How To Unblock Stormwater Drain?

People usually look for ways to unblock stormwater drain when their backyard starts pooling up.

Before we show you various ways of unblocking stormwater drain, our team of experienced drain plumbers would like to advise that preventing it is the easiest way of staying out of trouble. Make sure, that you don’t wash your car in the street, clear garden before water caries small branches to drain, & most important do not dump down on drains.

What is Stormwater Drain?

Storm water drains are pipelines that connect pipes on the roof to drain areas in the garden, where water is discharged into the ground water or kerb in the street. They frequently become clogged as a result of tree roots, debris, and silt clogging the pipes. It’s quite difficult to clear the pipes on your own, which is why you’ll want to bring in a professional.

When you do, you must request the purchase of a high-pressure drainage machine. Drainage machines with high water pressure are the greatest drain cleaners and are ideal for this case. They use high-pressure water to clean the storm water pipes of debris, leaves, and silt. Other conventional procedures simply aren’t much as effective.

DIY Drain Fixes

There is no substitute for the good old-fashioned plunger when it comes to forcing the block from the plumbing pipe. The power of the push propels air through the clog-clearing pipe. Cover the overflow with a damp cloth before to plunging to guarantee a secure drain seal and to force air out through the drain obstruction. Make sure you cover the drain with a damp cloth so that pressure is concentrated. Perform this exercise several times before throwing your hands in the air. Numerous do-it-yourselfers have noted that this is one of the most effective approaches.

However if the drain is overflowing then this method is less likely to succeed.

Overflowing Stormwater Drain?

You might always hire a drain auger, alternatively referred to as a plumber’s snake or an electric eel. This tool is capable of unblocking almost anything, including tree roots that have grown into your pipes. The disadvantage of this method is that it requires a good amount of ability to operate properly and can be harmful if you’re not careful.

What is the best chemical to unblock stormwater drain?

It it is not recommended to use chemicals on a drain that is overflowing, as it might be less efficient. Caustic soda is one of those chemicals that works best in case of any drain blockage issue. However, in case of stormwater drain, consulting a blocked drain plumber Sydney is the best option.

Is your stormwater drain blocked with mud?

Mud is one of the primary reasons for blocked stormwater drain. One of the most effective ways to fixing drain that is blocked by soil is by using a drain rod. It is not recommended to carry our this procedure unless you are are professional. However, it involves removing the grate and blasting the blockage with a drain rod.

How to Unblock Stormwater Drain?

Summarizing the whole article, these are the ways to fix a stormwater drain blockage;

  1. Using a drain rod
  2. Chemicals
  3. Electric Eel
  4. DIY Plunging

The easiest way to clear blocked drains

However, the easiest, cost-effective, and long term solutions to fixing blocked drain is consulting with a drain plumbing expert. Dial Up Plumbing Services hires Sydney’s best drain plumbers who have years of experience in fixing stormwater drain. Our team is the most proficent team of qualified drain plumbers in Sydney. Contact us today at (02) 8999 6125.

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