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Water Efficiency Standards NSW and Rental Properties

Are you a tenant or landlord who is looking for general advice regarding water efficiency standards in NSW? Read this blog post till the end to find out more about different standards set by the state government.

It is very important to know and distinguish your rights and responsibilities as a landlord and a tenant when it comes to utility costs and compliance. Ignoring these standards can cause some financial damage to legal action in the worst cases. Making sure that the rental property is energy and water efficient is very essential. In fact, it is now a part of the tenancy laws in NSW. So, here are a few things that you need to know;

Who pays for water supply in NSW?

In NSW, a landlord must pay all water supply charges and all sewerage supply service charges in most circumstances. Normally, tenants are not asked to pay for the water supply unless the supply is separately metered or supplied by a vehicle. These things are always included in the tenancy agreement and can be asked of the agent/ landlord before renting a property.

On top of that, the property must also meet the ‘water efficiency’ standards, for a landlord to bill the tenant.

Water Efficiency Standards NSW

water efficiency standards NSW

The following information is captured from the Fair Trading NSW website on 25th June 2022.

Proving water efficiency

Water efficiency measures generally appears on the condition report. Tenants can also ask the landlord or the agent to provide evidence if required. Moreover, showerheads or taps that needs replacement must also meet the water efficiency standards. In order to continue passing the water supply charges to the tenants. You can always contact your agent, or Fair Trading for any information needed in this regards.

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