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What is pipe relining, and how does it work?

Most people who aren’t directly connected to the plumbing industry nor take the time to read about updates might find pipe relining to be a repair method they have never heard of before. Your local plumbing company usually presents this method in place of more primitive techniques such as digging for pipes. 

Indeed, pipe relining (read more) works as the antithesis for the usual digging up your lines and making a mess in your yard. It’s a method that eliminates the thought of leaving a mess behind, saving time, effort and energy for both parties involved.

What Exactly Is Pipe Relining?

If you’ve lived in your home for a good decade or two, one of the usual maintenance areas you have to look out for is your pipes. Many are in desperate need of either a fix or replacement, which would require (traditionally, at least) a lot of digging to retrieve the old lines, work to install new ones, and put all the dug up soil back in its proper places. As a homeowner that might own a garden, and for many plumbing companies, this is simply too much unnecessary hassle.

This is why, with advanced technology, this method was carefully studied and invented. From residential to commercial use, even in sewers around cities, pipe relining, also known as CIPP (Cured-in-place pipe), is one of the most versatile and up-to-date Plumbers techniques. It boasts shorter labour time, less materials used, and fewer human resources compared to traditional methods.

Pipe relining makes use of a line made of resin, as it is inserted inside the old and damaged tube. The resin will form and harden within that pipe, creating an entirely new and more durable line ready for use.

How Does It Take Place?

There are a few steps taken for this method, and they are as follows:

1. The lines are assessed for the extent of the damage

This step allows you to ascertain whether CIPP is the best way to solve the problem of old pipes. A closed-circuit camera usually does this, but lately, many professionals have used FELL or Forced Electron Leak Location for a more accurate result.

2. They are thoroughly cleaned

First, traditional means are used, such as removing debris and any blockage that is easy to spot. Then, a more thorough, deep clean is done using a high-pressure water jet to make sure the resin sticks to the old pipe.

3. The length is measured

This ensures the new line is lined perfectly up inside the old pipe, avoiding any leaks and blindspots.

4. Then, the line is placed in an epoxy-resin mixture

Afterwards, the curing stage happens. It’s one of the longest stages of the whole process. However, some professionals speed up the process by using hot water. Other companies opt for manually letting the resin to ensure a quality and durable line will form. UV radiation is used to finalise the hardening of the resin.

6. Lastly, any resin lines sticking out of the old ones are cut

This is to make sure no additional damages are happening to the new pipe. 

When you are starting to have problems with your plumbing system, don’t be afraid to consider relining your pipeworks. You can dial up your local plumbing company to walk you through the best and most practical solutions.

Ben Harb

Owner/ Manager

Ben Harb is a highly skilled and experienced professional in the plumbing industry, with a particular focus on blocked drains and pipe relining. A qualified licensed plumber as well as a pipe relining specialist who can tackle an extensive range of plumbing issues.

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