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What To Do In A Plumbing Emergency

Plumbing emergencies are not something you can easily brush and put off till tomorrow. When your pipes pose an abnormality, whether it be strange sounds coming from the line works or a leak, it requires the attention of a professional as soon as possible. 

DIY-ing the work doesn’t help either, as many accidents (read more) result from amateur work. Though not every case ends up in hospitalisation or severe injuries, those that do ultimately experience severe effects, such as burns and concussions.

But while waiting for the professionals to arrive, what can you do as a homeowner? Here are some steps to follow if you’re facing a plumbing emergency:

1. Shut Off The Source 

When there are leaks or burst pipes, the first thing you can do for the professionals is to turn off your primary water source. Usually, the valve that regulates your water from the city’s main water line can be found around your garden, which can be hard to find due to the overgrowth of weeds and plants. If you don’t know where it is precisely, you can go around the border of your property, where it will likely be located.

Even if this step doesn’t eliminate the problem at once, it can reduce leaks and prevent water from flooding your house. You can start mopping up the area where the leak began to keep the professionals safe from any electrical hazards during labour. However, some problems don’t need your central water source turned off, just like leaks directly at your toilet or the tap, where you can quickly turn off the water spill.

2. Make Use Of A Toilet Plunger 

A plunger should be one of the top priority must-haves for every homeowner. This device is not only cheap but can ultimately save you a lot of money in the long run because of its usefulness. 

Before the professional arrives, try to use this device (if ever your problem is a clogged toilet). Simply seal its mouth over the toilet’s opening, begin to pump it up and down at a consistent speed and strength. Most blockages get easily broken down to pass through the pipes. However, others are too dense and solid that professional, special tools are needed.

3. Avoid The Use Of Chemicals

Some chemicals that claim to break down the waste faster than any professional may still not be a reliable solution when the blockage is a major one. Though these chemicals may have helped you with minor clogs, it won’t be much of a miracle for pipes mostly and completely clogged. In the long run, you’ll just be wasting money you should have used to call up a professional. 

The main ingredient of these cleans is hydrochloric acid, a very toxic chemical that can burn through a lot of waste and substance in your pipes. That’s all well and good, but this acid can also burn through your pipes, especially if they’re the old, traditional ones or made from PVC. Not only that, but other chemical compounds from these cleansers are very harmful to the environment, especially the soil. 

Instead of doing something, it’s better to wait for the Plumbers in this case. They have the proper equipment to deal with the problem that doesn’t require cleaners and harmful substances. 

Ben Harb

Owner/ Manager

Ben Harb is a highly skilled and experienced professional in the plumbing industry, with a particular focus on blocked drains and pipe relining. A qualified licensed plumber as well as a pipe relining specialist who can tackle an extensive range of plumbing issues.

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