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Blocked Toilet Solutions

Looking for blocked toilet solutions?
We rarely think about toilet until something goes wrong. People may not realise this but toilet blockages is one of the most common problem faced by Sydney residents. When toilets starts causing problems, we might face minor inconvenience. Most of the people do not even care about fixing toilet problems until they turn into something big. However, something you need to know is- if you are waiting until you face a big problem, you may be risking big bucks at that point.

Most of the toilet plumbing issues are simple to solve. Some of the methods are so simple that they don’t even need any plumbing tools. However, if you think there is something major happening with your toilet plumbing, please do not hesitate to call Blocked Drains Sydney experts at Dial Up Plumbing services.

Top 5 Blocked Toilet Solutions

1. Using a plunger

Despite the fact that this equipment seems to be simple, it is nevertheless the most effective method of unclogging a toilet. We suggest that all homes have access to this tool, particularly one with a flange, since they are the most effective at unclogging toilets. First, you need to insert the plunger in the toilet bowl and gently push it down into the toilet bowl. The initial push is just to get rid of the excess air in the system. Take care not to press too hard, or you may end up splashing filthy water all over yourself.

To maintain a good seal, push the plunger down and up repeatedly while keeping the seal intact. Finally, raise the tool sharply while simultaneously breaking the air seal. Notice how the water is draining away from your sink or tub? If this does not clear the obstruction, continue the procedure until the clog is removed.

2. Use plastic bottle to create water pressure

This home remedy is not suitable for all kinds of blockages. Remove as much water from the toilet bowl as you possibly can by continually filling a small container with toilet water and transferring the water into a bucket. To accomplish this, first flush the toilet many times. After that, fill a big plastic bottle halfway with hot water.

Placing your thumb over the top of the bottle will allow you to fit the top end of the bottle into the toilet’s outlet at the bottom. (For this step, you’ll want to put on some rubber gloves.) Remove your thumb from the bottle and squeeze it until the water inside starts to flow down the pipe. The additional pressure may be sufficient to remove whatever was creating the obstruction.

3. Vinegar and baking soda combo

If your toilet won’t flush and you don’t have a plunger, try vinegar and baking soda. You undoubtedly know that vinegar and baking soda clean many surfaces, smell well, and help keep drains clear. If you don’t have a plunger, these home cleansers work as well. Pour a cup of baking soda down the toilet and wait a few minutes. Next, gently add two cups vinegar into the WC.

Because vinegar and baking soda often react to generate bubbles, pour cautiously and gently to avoid overflowing or spraying. Wait a few minutes for the baking soda and vinegar to work. To test for blockage removal, flush your toilet. Repeat the procedure until the obstruction is gone. Unclog your toilet when it produces a rapid suction sound and then empties normally.

4. Making use of soap/ dishwashing liquid

The next method you can try at home is by using hot water and soap. While you’re boiling up a gallon of hot water on the stove, sprinkle some dish soap into your toilet and close the lid. Water should be very hot but not boiling before being poured into the toilet with caution. Allow 10-15 minutes with the dish soap and hot water to soften the blockage before proceeding.

Following this procedure, the toilet will unclog and flush easily. If you don’t want to leave your bathroom, you may use use hot water and shampoo from the sink to clean your toilet without having to leave it.

5. Use household bleach to unclog toilets

Household bleach works in a similar way to soap in that it aids in the breakdown of waste. The method is similar to the one that is performed with dish soap. Simply substitute 2-3 cups of bleach for the solid or liquid dishwashing soap in the recipe.

Immediately after one or two minutes, add one cup of powdered soap into the pot. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes before flushing the toilet. You’ll find that this method is more effective when dealing with a severely blocked toilet.

What if the problem is not fixed?

Did these blocked toilet solutions work? Sometimes blocked drains and toilets can turn out to be stubborn one. It is best to get in touch with a plumbing specialist if you find that the blockage is causing due to something more than a tissue. Dial Up Plumbing Services is regarded as one of the best Plumber Sydney when it comes to fixing blockages in Sydney homes. Get in touch with us today and we will help you sort your blocked toilet issue.

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