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How much does it cost to hyrdojet a drain?

No one likes facing blocked drains again and again. There are many solutions that can be offered by a plumber when it comes to fixing blocked drains. Among these, using hyrdojets or water blasting is a feasible as well as a long lasting solution. But how cost friendly is hydro jetting or how much does hydro jetting cost?

Well, let’s find out…

Hyrdo jetting is one of the most effective methods of drain cleaning that utilizes high pressure blast of water into the drain to clear the blockage. Prior to doing this kind of repair, a plumber will check the sewage line to ascertain the extent of the issue.

The majority of these systems operate at roughly 35,000 pounds per square inch, which is sufficient to clear even the largest, most tenacious clogs. Hydro jetting is more expensive than other ways of unclogging a major sewage line, but it may save you money over time.


So, what is the cost to hydrojet a drain?


The Hyrdojet Drain cleaning or Water Blasting can cost anywhere from $300. The cost also varies depending upon the complexity of blockage, time taken, location of the drain or sewer or your location. In some cases, the cost can be high if the job is complicated.

What are the benefits of hyrdo jetting a drain?

Among all the methods of unblocking a drain, hyrdo jetting is referred to as the best for many reasons. Firstly, home remedy methods like using hot water, bleach, and more cannot respond to stubborn blockages. Hyrdo jetting does not involves the use of chemicals and is non-invasive.

Another important factor is; drain snake does cleans clogs efficiently, however, when it comes to dealing with root intrusions and solidified roots, hyrdo jetting is the best option.


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